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Tuesday, February 21, 2017 

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2016 Lincoln Group of New York Award of Achievement Winner,

Noah Andre Trudeau

Lincoln's White House

We are pleased to announce that our dinner meeting on Tuesday, February 21, will feature Noah Andre Trudeau speaking on his book, Lincoln's Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24 - April 8, 1865. Mr. Trudeau will be presented with our annual Award of Achievement for this most original work prior to his lecture. This promises to be a very special evening indeed!

Trudeau will present us with a war weary Lincoln escaping from the tension and political stress in Washington to meet up with General Grant, ultimately spending 16 days at the front lines in a dramatic display of teamwork as the Civil War was finally coming to its conclusion. We'll also hear how Lincoln interacted with the common soldier, how the soldiers reacted to him, and most importantly, how this short but impactful visit changed the President in his evolving thought process. This will be a most original and in-depth look at Lincoln's longest time away from Washington during his presidency.

Noah Andre Trudeau has won numerous awards. His first book, Bloody Roads South, won the Fletcher Pratt Award from the Civil War Roundtable of New York, and his combat history of black troops, Like Men of War won the Grady McWhiney Research Foundation's Jerry Coffey Memorial Book Prize. His other work includes the best-selling Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage, and Southern Storm: Sherman's March to the Sea.

We look forward to seeing you on February 21st!

Note: The Roosevelt House, our meeting venue, is where Franklin Delano Roosevelt assembled his first administration and held meetings during the winter of 1932-1933, before his inauguration, helping to set the tone and content of the First Hundred Days and of the early New Deal.

LOCATION: The Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College
                      47-49 E. 65th Street (between Park and Madison Avenues), Manhattan

TIME: 5:30 Reception
            6:30 Dinner
            7:30 Program

COST: $65.00 per person (buffet)
            $70.00 per non-member (unless guest of member)

Register early: Dinner Reservation Form