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Established in 1978, The Lincoln Group Of New York is a non-profit, tax-exempt, historical society with nationwide membership dedicated to the study and discussion of the life and times of our 16th President of the United States.

Educational in nature with the purpose of advancing the existing body of knowledge about and appreciation for Abraham Lincoln, The Lincoln Group of New York strives to promote fellowship as well as scholarship among those interested.  An open invitation is made to join us, either in spirit or in actual membership, and become part of our study and discussion.

Details on our upcoming dinner meeting programs, held in New York City each February, April, and November, are covered under COMING EVENTS.  Speakers at our meetings have included Pulitzer Prize winning historians such as Mark E. Neely Jr., James McPherson, and Eric Foner. They have also included other distinguished Lincoln scholars such as Harold Holzer, Edward Steers, Jr., James Oakes, James Swanson, Catherine Clinton, Douglas Wilson, and Frank Williams.

Our Officers and Committee Members are detailed under OFFICERS & COMMITTEES.  The current issue of our Annual Membership Newsletter, “The Wide Awake” is posted under NEWSLETTER.  Membership details are included under JOIN US!  Current and past winners of The Lincoln Group’s Annual Award of Achievement are detailed under AWARDS.  Access to other internet sites of interest are provided under LINKS.